Major update: August 2019

New graphs added to the site: antipodal 3-cover of Zara graph, Coolsaet–Degraer cover of $K_{14}$, coset graphs of the shortened ternary Golay code and the shortened extended ternary Golay code, Delsarte graph, flag graph of $PG(2,5)$, Games graph, Goethals–Seidel graph, Koolen–Riebeek graph, Meixner's 2-cover and 4-cover of the $U_6(2)$ graph, Moscow–Soicher graph (and its distance-2 graph), Norton–Smith graph, $O_7(3)$ graph, Ree–Tits generalized octagon, Shi–Krotov–Solé graph, Soicher's first, second and third graphs, symplectic 3-cover of $K_{14}$, 3-cover of $K_{17}$, 5-cover of $K_{12}$, 5-cover of $K_{17}$ and 7-cover of $K_{9}$, Tits graph from $\phantom{.}^2 F_4(2)'$, $U_6(2)$ graph (and its complement).

Pages updated: automorphism groups have been added on several pages; the page for unitary graph from $P\Gamma(U)(3,4)$ has been corrected to indicate that it is distance-transitive; the GAP files have been replaced for the flag graph of $PG(2,3)$ and flag graph of $PG(2,4)$.

New category: Antipodal covers of complete graphs.

Previous updates

27 March 2019: corrected the spectrum of the 2nd subconstituent of the McLaughlin graph, as well as updating the GAP file (to use the full automorphism group).

22 October 2018: fixed a typo in the intersection array of the Johnson graph $J(10,5)$.

14 August 2018: fixed the spelling of "Schläfli" on the Schläfli graph and complement of Schläfli graph pages.

27 January 2018: corrected the automorphism group on the dodecahedron page.

5 January 2018: fixed links to data files from the Hamming graph $H(2,10)$ page.

4 August 2017: added some Grassmann graphs, namely $J_2(4,2)$, $J_2(5,2)$, $J_2(6,2)$, $J_3(4,2)$ and $J_2(6,3)$.

4 August 2017: fixed a typo in the automorphism group of the point graphs of the generalized hexagons $GH(2,2)$.

3 August 2017: fixed a typo in the page An introduction to distance-regular graphs.

25 July 2017: added the $\mathrm{G}_2(4)$ graph on 416 vertices.

25 July 2017: updated naming and external link for the Hall–Janko near octagon on 315 vertices, also known as the Cohen–Tits near octagon.

2 July 2017: added the Zara graph on 126 vertices.

7 June 2017: pages now use the more specific term symmetric transversal design in place of "resolvable transversal design".

7 June 2017: added the Suetake graph (incidence graph of symmetric transversal design $\mathrm{STD}_4[12;3]$).

7 June 2017: reorganized index of incidence graphs.

7 June 2017: corrected the spectrum of the hexacode graph.

22 February 2017: site launched.

Last updated: 30 August 2019