$\text{Distance-regular graphs from 151 to 200 vertices}$

GraphNo. of verticesDiameter
$\text{Doubled }M_{22} \text{ graph}$$154$$5$
$\text{Grassmann graph }J_2(5,2)$$155$$2$
$2^{\text{nd}} \text{ subconstituent of McLaughlin graph}$$162$$2$
$\text{van Lint-Schrijver graph}$$162$$4$
$\text{Incidence graph of }AG(2,9) \text{ minus a parallel class}$$162$$4$
$\text{Incidence graph of }GQ(4,4)$$170$$4$
$\text{Line graph of Hoffman-Singleton graph}$$175$$3$
$\text{Incidence graph of }PG(2,9)$$182$$3$
$\text{Flag graph of }PG(2,5)$$186$$3$
$\text{Line graph of Tutte's 12-cage}$$189$$6$
$\text{Doubled Higman-Sims graph}$$200$$5$

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Last updated: 31 March 2019